Funeral & Burial Questions

The Executor and/or next of kin bear legal responsibility in the disposition of the deceased. It is prudent for the executor to include the family in any decisions regarding final arrangements.
The decision to embalm is a choice. Ontario laws do not require a deceased body to be embalmed. A consumer may choose to have the body washed and dressed without embalming.
Yes, funeral services may be prearranged through a licensed funeral director or funeral pre-planner at a funeral establishment or transfer service. Consumers may choose to prepay for services prior to the time of need.
Cremation is a process where fire reduces the body to a residue.
A casket is not required by law for cremation however if a casket is not used, the crematorium may require that the body be enclosed in a rigid container of combustible material.
Cremated remains may be retained by the family, interred in a cemetery, placed in a niche in a columbarium, or scattered on private property, in a designated area of the cemetery, on unoccupied Crown lands or Crown lands covered by water.
No, a direct disposition may involve either cremation or earth burial.


Consumers may apply for financial assistance through the local municipality to cover costs for funeral or transfer services or for cremation or burial. Eligibility for financial assistance should be confirmed prior to signing a contract with a licensed funeral establishment or transfer service. In most cases, the municipality will limit choices associated with the selection of a casket, urn or grave, and the services requested.
No. These are personal expenses and cannot be deducted.
No, the decision to pay for preneed arrangements in advance is a choice. Consumers have the option of simply pre-arranging services and supplies without providing payment. Some licensed funeral establishments and transfer services may keep a record of the arrangements without cost. To confirm availability of this option, please contact a licensed funeral establishment or a transfer service directly.
A. Yes, all licensed funeral establishments and transfer services are required by law to provide a price list upon request without cost or obligation. Consumers are encouraged to compare prices and services from several establishments prior to making an informed decision.

We wish to thank the Board of Funeral Service of Ontario and the Government of Canada for their contribution of information on this page.

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